About Us

The Calcio Mundial team is made up of people who were born with a passion for football, and who have spent their lives around the game.

Welcome to Calcio Mundial

After looking at alternatives

Your World, Your Design, Our Quality

You can show your whole world through the design of one shirt. When you use one of our retro items , you’re not wearing just a shirt. You’re evoking that history, you’re sharing the history and those memories.

A perfect fit for your every day life

Love the design. Wear it Proudly

We are a UK-based online sports business looking to target all the main and even niche football teams, we specialize in creating merchandise, but also fabricating that team identity from a moment in time.

Simplicity in design and form

We Bring That Nostalgia

Our mission is to give you distinctive products and services with top quality and service, so as to provide you with all the necessary products to support your team, club, and hobby. The design of the kit particularly in the shirt is more than a playing uniform. Its identity and memory all rolled into one. That’s why we like to put those designs on stuff.